Adrienne BabaAdrienne is passionate about Japanese food and pots. She trained as a potter in Japan and now runs a successful studio making contemporary Japanese-style tableware which is thrown or slab-built. Decorative techniques include rolled inlay, brushing on slips and sometimes incising through these to reveal the clay colour underneath, impressing with fabric, fluting and faceting. The pots are fired to 1,260C in an electric kiln. The pieces are simple and quiet and designed with particular Japanese food in mind although they are equally suitable for serving Western dishes.

Adrienne sells from exhibitions at home, through the Oxfordshire Craft Guild and various galleries. She also supplies Japanese restaurants including Zuma, Roka and Soho Japan. She particularly enjoys collaborating with head chefs to design and produce pieces to match their menus.

Her interest and experience in cooking Japanese food has led to her establishing popular Japanese cookery classes and providing Japanese food for dinner parties all served on her own tableware. She lives in Bloxham, North Oxfordshire with her husband, actor and director, Togo Igawa.